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40th Entry Fulton Block

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Geoff Day 3Sqdn
7th Feb 2010

No Photo

Honoury Listing 35th

Malta123@aol.com - 35th entry, emigrated to Canada, retired to France now back in UK
Peter Nicholson
Armourer 1925616
9th Mar2010

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Honoury Listing 15th

108 Wilmot Trail
L1B 1A8
: 905 697 6307-
petsyl@rogers.com - Former Boy Entrant (15th Entry)served at RAF Waterbeach Cambridge
Keith Vaughan 1 Sqdn
Photog 1941021
39th Entry
27th Mar 2010

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Honoury Listing 39th

Roger Imm
AWM "B" Flt, 4 Sqdn
5th Sept 2011
Honoury Listing 43rd



PO Box 430
Chappell Hill
Texas 77426


Chris Owens
AWM, W1947615
4 Sqdn

25th Oct 2011
Honoury Listing 46th
chris.j.owen@btinternet.com - served 1962 - 1975 at St Mawgan 201, 206, 42 Sqn, Colerne, 24, 36 Sqn, Muharraq, Henlow and Cosford 46th AWM; ended up as a Sgt at St Mawgan, Nimrods on the Line.
Raymond Stokes
AWM V1946580
4 Sqdn
23rd April 2012
Honoury Listing 45th


10 Limetrees Gardens
Low Fell
: 0191 4772070
Charles Trenchard Jordan (TINY)
Teleg B1942921
1 Sqdn

41st/42nd Cosford
13th June 2012
18, Rosemary Road,
Kent, ME15 8NW
: 07932 112780

chazjordan@virginmedia.com - Demob November 1973
Kent Police: November 1973 - January 1994
Private Investigator: 1994 - 2010
Retired - Currently writing my memoirs.

SAC Fisher J.E
Ex Hereford Supplier
20th June 2012
  Huddersfield HD8
acctim@uk02.co.uk - Posted to 1004 Signals Unit, HMS Jufair June 69 to July 1970.
The pics bring back memories of when I was 19 years old. 1004SU was a sattelite unit, but the kit came out in April 70 so I just sat around for 9 months.
Now 64 retured from British Rail after 30 years as a guard.
Sherrill Allen
  4 Green Lane
IP30 0Hl
sherrrillanne@hotmail.co.uk - I am the daughter of Brian Peter Cusack. Dad was stationed in Gan in 61 or 62, He was also stationed in Muharraq 1966 to 1968 where we went with him. I went to Muharraq school. Swam in the officers mess pool before the new pool was opened. I also remeber the cinema well taking our pillow to sit on and watching Dumbo in the rain. Thank you for the photos on here they have bought back many happy memories,
Dad worked at the gas plant and was a member of the M.A.D.S Muharraq ameture dramatic society,
Many of the guys out there used to take us out and spoil us, Mum always entertained as many of them as she could at christmas as they were missing their own families. I would love to hear from any one who knew my dad at either Gan or Bahrain,
John Billinton
1927443 Airframes
ex 19th Entry Cosford
* 29 July 2013
14 Penn Close
OX14 2NX
01235 529 078
john.billinton37@hotmail.co.uk - Hello, I am an ex-Boy entrant,19th entry at Cosford. I served at RAF Muharraq 1967/1968, and also at RAF Labuan, during the confrontation. Is there a station badge for Labuan, let me know please.
(Click on the photo for John's story)
David Lloyd
1933938 AWF
31st Entry
* 30 Dec 2013
  60 Highfield Road
GU32 2HN
: 01730 260030
david.lloyd84@ntlworld.com - AWF 226. Friend of Steve Lister.
Sad to report Dave Moss died Feb 2012 I attended the funeral at Porchester Crematorium
John Barker
ARM 41st Entry
* 22 Sept 2016
  4 Acer close
The Rock
01952 502 665

Derek Bury
Ex 39th Entry Caterer Hereford
* 5 January 2018

39 Lonsdale Way
: 01572 755 969
Additional Information:

Hi, We are co-partners with links between our website. I have a favour to ask. I am involved in an exhibition for RAF100 and want to include BE service.Any idea where I can get poster of BE Ranks , cap ribbons or rank badges squadrons etc.
I was at RAF Hereford B'Flt 4 Sqdn (Caterers) (Steward) Did 28 years service ended up a W.O Mess Manager .Served Acklington,Kuching Borneo,Finningley, Episkopi Cyprus, Akrotiri Cyprus ,Cranwell,(2 tours)Brampton,Lossiemouth Cottesmore (1 tour) Bentley Priory & Stanmore Park, TTTE Cottesmore (2x tours). 2nd Career move was a F.E College Lecturer. (12 years full time 3 Years part time).

Regards Derek an aging 39thr www.39th-entry.org.uk

John Lapthorn
Ex 42nd Air Radar
2 Sqdn
* 8 January 2018
228 Point Bush road,
Waimate 7979
New Zealand

Additional Information:

John@lapthorn.org - I’m ex 42 Air Radar. I am trying to contact Mick Wimslow ex 40th who was our best man when we were both at RAF Sealand in 1972.

40/57 REUNION - 26-28 MAY 2017

Memorabilia pages - If you have any odds & sods of a similar nature, that will scan, I would be grateful for them to add to the page. Steve

Photographs- If any ex 40th Boy Entrants have any photos that they would like to share with others to revive a few old memories they would be greatly appreciated.