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MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE by Mike Sixsmith

Food for thought as we approach that dangerous stage in our lives.

Wed 28th May 2003
Arrived in Copenhagen city centre just before lunch and spent the afternoon walking around the sights, approximately 8 miles. During the uphill walk around the Fort I experienced some discomfort in my right Pectoral muscle, due I thought to a badly adjusted strap on my rucksack
Thur 29th
11 am, visited Tivoli gardens and took the train to Elsingnore. Walked approximately 3 miles during the day. Felt some slight discomfort walking to castle in Elsingnore.
Fri 30th
Travelled by train to Roskilda to visit the Viking ship museum and Church.
During the uphill walk from the museum to the church I again experienced discomfort and some breathlessness. I had to stop for a brief rest (5 mins), after this the pain subsided and I felt fine.
Sat 31st
Travelled to Helsingnor on the train. During the walk from the station to Hamlet's castle (1/2 mile) I experienced pains in my right upper chest which extended down my arm to my thumb and breathlessness, I had to stop five or six times to rest and let the pain subside On returning to the campsite (18:30) we decided to call a doctor. He arrived at 21:40 and examined me, (BP 190). The Doctor called for an ambulance and I arrived at A&E at 22:20. BP checked again (190), and an ECG carried out which showed slight abnormalities. The A&E nurse then called for the duty male Cardiologist. He administered various drugs including a nitroglycerine pill.
Sun 1st June
I was admitted onto the Cardiac post operative ward at 02:00 Sunday morning and was connected to a 6 point Heart monitor. 06:30 BP 185. At 19:20 whilst laid in bed, I had a 'pain attack' which was captured on a full 10 point ECG scan (BP 190). The duty female Cardiologist diagnosed it
as 'Unstable Angina'
Mon 2nd
06:30 BP 165/90. 09:00 Transferred to the Cardiac pre operative observation ward. Following a case conference in the evening it was decided to carry out X-rays and an Angiogram on Tuesday morning. 23:00 given an injection into my abdomen to 'thin my blood'.
Tue 3rd
06:30 BP 165/80. 08:00 went for X-ray. 09:00 went for Angiogram, results showed '3 vein disease'. Cardiologists decided that 'Balloon' procedure was inappropriate and recommended a Triple Bypass operation. They proposed to carry out the operation there within the next few days. 18:00 Another
abdominal injection, BP 140/80.
Wed 4th
0630 BP 140/80. Following consultation between myself, my wife, the medical insurance company and the Cardiologists it was decided that my condition had been stabilised sufficiently to allow me to go home and have the operation as soon as possible in UK.
Thur 5th
06:00 BP 140/80. Following ward rounds I was discharged to a Hotel at 11:30 with 10 days supply of drugs, and a bottle of Nitroglycerine pills.
Fri 6th to Tue 10th
Spent in hotel in Gentoft suburb of Copenhagen, 5 minutes from the hospital. The Caravan Club flew someone out to drive the Camper van back to UK.
Tue 10th
Taxi from hotel to airport. Flown by BA to Heathrow, met at airport by a taxi and driven home to Bedford.
Wed 11th
10:15 Saw my GP who contacted Papworth hospital. 16:00 phone call from Papworth hospital with an appointment to see a Cardiologist.
Mon 16th
16:00 Appointment with Cardiologist, Mr Tsui, who informed me that without an operation I was probably 6 to 12 months away from a major heart attack.He booked my in for a Triple Bypass operation on Tues 24th June.
Mon 23rd
16:00 admitted into Papworth cardiac surgical ward.
Tue 24th
14:00 Went to theatre for a 3 hour operation and then taken to intensive care.
Wed 25th
Transferred from intensive care back to a private room. Visited by Mr Tsui who informed me that I had been within 3 months of a major heart attack. The arteries supplying my heart were less than 1mm internal diameter, they should be 3mm.
Mon 30th
Discharged from Papworth.
September 15th
Went on holiday.
October 6th
Returned to work (part time - mornings only).
November 3rd
Returned to full time working.

Prior to the 28th May I had no symptoms or any suggestion of Heart problems, my BP had been 140/80 for years.
Needless to say I have stopped smoking, cut down on the booze and started eating less fatty foods.

Mike Sixsmith
Tel: 01293 518744


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