Name & Message of Condolence

This is an email from Dave’s daughter: to let you know that Dave had a heart attack and passed away yesterday, 4th Aug.

I could not find a telephone number to contact you therefore have resorted to email.

I am staying with my mum at the moment our home telephone number is 01454 615516 if you would like to find out funeral details. Jacqui

John Bell & Mary Rice - Just received this very sad news. John has spoken to the family and the funeral is on Monday 15th but I'm sure you'll get all the details. Dave was such a lovely person and a thoroughly decent man with a good sense of humour also. He and Shirley seemed like such a close and happy couple. Not sure if we'll make the funeral yet. We are both devastated. John shared a room with Dave in Cosford and their 1st posting was together to Wattisham so they spent a lot of time together. John sent him some photos of the old wireless station at Wattisham as it used to be recently. Dave was the youngest of the 40th entry.- Regards John and Mary
Mike Hutchins - I am very sorry to hear this. Please pass on my condolences to his family. - Mike
Steve Lister - This tragic news came as a terrible shock. Dave seemed to me to be one of the fittest blokes amongst us. He was a great fun loving guy & participated in many of our re-unuions with Shirley. He will be sadly missed and my deepest commiserations go out to Shirley and the rest of his family. Steve
Dave & Rose Stinson - Both Rose and myself will miss Dave awfully, he was a lovely warm person who clearly adored Shirley and the family. We would always look forward to the arrival of Dave and Shirley at our reunions, this always made them that bit more special as they were strong supporters of all us former 40th Boy Entrants getting together with our wives and partners. It was Dave and Shirley who insisted we have the reunions every year when it was suggested we change to two years, so glad we listened to their good advice. We will miss seeing him, knowing he is not around anymore - although I am sure his presence will be felt at future reunions. Dave and Shirley became special friends to us all and this is something we can all treasure. - Dave & Rose Stinson
Bob & Mandy Killey - Mandy and I hope to be there.

Please pass our condolences on to Shirley and tell her our thoughts are with her.

Terry (Taff) and Carole Winnett - " The news we heard this week has come as a shock to Carole and myself. Dave was a lovely man and we will miss him so much. We bacame firm friends with both Dave and Shirley over the years and shared some great times on our reunions. We will miss him but we will never forget him. Our thoughts are with Shirley and the family." - Terry (Taff) and Carole Winnett
Boyd Lichfied - This really is a shock. Can't get over it. Flashes of him all cheery giving a speech (at the 50th), excited about being the youngest in the entry and how important reunions are - stepping up the reunions to every year. Although no longer here, in my heart he will be at every reunion. He is someone who'll never be forgotten. My condolences and love, Boyd
Maureen & Dave Pottage - Daves contributions at our reunions will be greatly missed and our thoughts are with Shirley and the rest of his family at this sad time. - Dave & Maureen
Pat & Pete Stenning - A very sad day for all of the 40th, especially those of us from 3 Sqdn. I know I can say that there is no one from the 40th who could ever have said a bad word about him, He will be forever in our thoughts and prayers. Pat & Pete
Shirley Lowe - Dear Dave and Rose - Thank you both so much for coming to David’s funeral on Monday. It was so warm and comforting to be surrounded by so many good friends from the RAF Reunion, and I should be pleased if you would pass on my thanks to everyone. I also was really pleased with the way the service went, so am glad that you thought so too.
I have been astounded that the donations so far have reached around £675 – what a fantastic figure! I never expected it would reach that much, but can only think it reflects how much David was thought of, which is so nice. Love from Shirley xxx