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4 Sqdn Boys
Back Stan Matheson - 'Bridget' Spencer - Ron Sear- Ginge Morris - Stu Marshall(d) - Paul Shannon(d)
3rd Row Lloyd Rosentall - Ian Milner - Pete Riches - Tim May
2nd Row 'Gregory' Peck - Pete Rogers - Tich Russell Front Geordie Peak(d) - Jock Paterson - 39th L/B/E

Flight Experience
Pete Riches - Vince Sacco

Ex  39th-40th in the New Forest
No.1 Wing Band
Work Parade 0700

2 Sqdn
Terry Conliffe - Clive Richards - Taff Evans-Barry(d) - Ian Milner
Ex AWMs at Bedtime
Ian Milner - Pete Rogers - Tich Russell

2 Sqdn Boys
Back Doug Camp(d) - Dave Dickenson

Front George Bussey - Tony Busuttil-Reynaud -
Billy Cotton - Gerry Cooper

Ian Hadden - Ned Harkin - B.R. Jones - John Gunson
Ralph McLeod - Benny Goodman - Chris Greenhalgh
2 Sqdn
Stan Matheson - Ron Sear - Stu Marshall(d) - ? - ?
Paul Shannon- Ginge Morris - ?Lloyd Rosentall - Pete Rogers - ? - Tim May - Tich Russell
? -
Geordie Peak(d) - Vince Sacco- ?
John Gunson's Graduation prize for 2nd highst mark in workshops

Page No 2  


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