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40th Postings to RAF Leconfield:

1941824 BRUSBY Peter - 1941863 HADDEN Ian - 1941868 HEFFRON Ray
1941921 STOCKTON Eddie (deceased – 2 Feb 1994) - 1941842 CONNELLY PE
1941730 McMENAMY RA Rob aka ‘Blondie’  - 1942028 TRIMBLE Ernie
1941876 LISTER Steve - 1941715 McMILLAN Robert - 1941908 SMITH Alan (Geordie)

Flight Line mid '60s (photo' Rob Markham)

Flight Line
RAF Yatesbury - 1990
92 Sqdn Flight Line - 1964
White Horse
92 Sqdn T-Bird - 1964
Typical Instructor
Steve Lister 228 (SAR) Sdqn

202 (SAR) Sqdn 1964
Calne Flyer
Avro Anson XIX - 202 Sqdn Hack
Sailor Maine - Steve Lister Engine Change
Ex  39th-40th in the New Forest
Whirlwind 10 - 'B' Flt 202 Sqdn 1st Standby
New Forest Gang
Master Pilot Rowe (SWO)

Towing Crew

See Off

XN869 on Inspection

19 Sqdn jet on Inspection

92 Sqdn T7 XL605

56 Sqdn's XS921 on Major Service 1 Shed July 1974 - ZOOM

Flight Line mid '60s (photo' Rob Markham)

Flight Line after 1976 (photo' Paul Roe)
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Memorabilia pages - If you have any odds & sods of a similar nature, that will scan, I would be grateful for them to add to the page. Steve

Photographs- If any ex 40th Boy Entrants have any photos that they would like to share with others to revive a few old memories they would be greatly appreciated.