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Amalfi from the boat to Capri
Official Group Photo' Hotel Aequa Vico Equense
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Capri from the boat

Back Row - ? - MacDonald - Chaz Jordan - Steve Lister - ?
Table - ? - ? - ? - Eric May - Dave Dickenson -
LHS - ? - ? - Ron Johnson

Chris Hayton & Steve Lister - Pompeii
(Photo - Steve Lister)

Look what we found on the boat
Hotel Equa

Ron Shingler (Civvi Teleg) & Steve Lister - Pompeii
(Photo - Steve Lister)

Paris - On the way home
Derek Money(41st) - Ian Milner - Vince Sacco & ???

Gracie Fields
Gracie Fields

Ruins at Pompeii (photo - Steve Lister)

Naples Bay (photo - Steve Lister)
Hotel Staff
Naples Castle
Vico Equense Beach (photo's - Steve Lister)
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Memorabilia pages - If you have any odds & sods of a similar nature, that will scan, I would be grateful for them to add to the page. Steve

Photographs- If any ex 40th Boy Entrants have any photos that they would like to share with others to revive a few old memories they would be greatly appreciated.