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Photo's by John Hutchinson (4 Sqdn N'Atts)
Typical Instructor
Main Gate RAF El Adem1966

St. Francis RC Church TobrukOct 65
Calne Flyer
Crash Ambulances outside Ambulance Bay Jan '66
John Hutchinson & Bedford Ambulance RAF Tobruk

John & Desert Rescue AmbulanceWaiting for Para Drop

Dave Kettley & Desert Rescue Ambulance RAF Tobruk Nov '65
Ex  39th-40th in the New Forest
John & Dick NPI Tobruk May '66
New Forest Gang
Alex holding Fred RAF El Adem, 1966

Alex & Bob on Ambulance 3 miles South of El Adem

Andre at Wadi Auda

Arthur-Cess-Jack Billet Oct '65 ZOOM

Auriel in Ambulance Bay El Adem ZOOM

Joan RAF Nurse El Adem Feb '66 ZOOM

Shirley Handley SSQ El Adem - May '66 ZOOM

John at Wadi Audi - Tobruk ZOOM

King ldris Soldier - Tobruk Oct '65

Winchman WW10 over_El_Adem - Apr '66

St Francis RC Church - Tobruk Oct '65
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