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Boyd had been arranging poetry readings - Pete Brown, Libby Houston, Frances Horovitz and Michael Horovitz among the guests - at "The Chameleon Café" and" The Magazine" (pub) in Leicester. Robin Midgely agreed to him arranging an evening reading at "The Phoenix Theatre". It was a success. Sold out.

The Phoenix Theatre - Leicester

The "Leicester Mercury" published a full page article “Bringing Poetry To Leicester" (Jon Ford), with photograph, shortly after (Dec.1968).

Next day when Boyd arrived at work, the page was posted all over the factory. Very moving.

He wrote ‘The Aesthetic Death of Samuel Smee’ for them . . .

The poetry readings were moved to The Town Arms. Readings/happenings on local buses, in factories, schools and the liason with The Phoenix continued until 1972.

The New Town Arms

The Dissolving Cuckoo. Boyd K. Lichfield. Transican Books, 1969

Limited edition of 120 copies, handset and printed on purple handmade paper by Barcham Green. Dark purple, handmade Japanese paper wrap. Cover, yellow card. Hand sewn binding (Transican Books - Leicester, 1969).

The Dissolving Cuckoo Recording, February 1969

The Aesthetic Death of Samuel Smee
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The Aesthetic Death of Samuel Smee.mp3 (click title to play)

Boyd reading at "The Phoenix Theatre"
February 1969

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"Antics andAntiques"


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More about "Snail"

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