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Camp Entrance & Guard Room (ZOOM)

Aerial Shot (ZOOM)

Aerial Shot (ZOOM)

Accommodation Block (ZOOM)

Refurbished Accommodation Block (ZOOM)

Admin Block attached to Comms Building (ZOOM)

BigWatering can (ZOOM)

Ian Duckham (ZOOM)

Beach Cafe (ZOOM)

At the Beach (ZOOM

Ian Duckhan at the Beach (ZOOM)

Famagusta (ZOOM)

Famagusta (ZOOM)

Ancient city of Salamis (ZOOM)

Ian getting fresh (ZOOM)

Ian Posing (ZOOM)

Nights on the Town (ZOOM)

Ian's 21st at the infamous Paula's Bar (ZOOM)

Edward VIII Avenue Varosha 1958 (ZOOM)
Page No 1


Memorabilia pages - If you have any odds & sods of a similar nature, that will scan, I would be grateful for them to add to the page. Steve

Photographs- If any ex 40th Boy Entrants have any photos that they would like to share with others to revive a few old memories they would be greatly appreciated.